What We Do

Our Commitment

Republic Services is committed to being a good neighbor in the communities we serve. Otay Landfill is dedicated to operating with environmental practices and policies that are good for our customers, local businesses and residents. Our team of environmental managers, engineers and scientists ensures that the long-term management of landfill materials is regenerative to the planet.


Otay Landfill is operated in a manner designed to protect public health and the environment. We regularly monitor and report our activities to the City of San Diego Local Enforcement Agency, the San Diego Regional Water Quality Control Board, CalRecycle, and the San Diego Air Pollution Control District, and and we strive to meet or exceed all state and federal regulations. All waste is disposed of within the boundary of a constructed landfill area that has been engineered to protect the environment and meets all federal, state and local regulations. There are many environmental protection systems at Otay Landfill.

The Otay Landfill team takes multiple steps to protect the environment. All waste is screened to ensure unacceptable waste is not accepted, and our standard operating procedures are designed to exceed regulatory standards. More than 230 acres of the Otay Landfill property is dedicated to non-landfill operations, including 25 acres dedicated for a vernal pool habitat project to protect native aquatic species.

The Otay Landfill gas-to-energy (LFGTE) project is one of Republic’s eight in the State of California. It’s a highly engineered system that leverages the power of science and advanced technologies to protect and help regenerate the local ecosystem.

The 10-Megawatt facility is fueled by landfill gas generated and collected from Otay Landfill and is capable of generating enough renewable electricity to power more than 13,000 homes.

Landfill gas is collected through a system of 294 extraction wells to control potential odor. Collected gas is either converted to clean energy or safely destroyed at our on-site flare. The Landfill’s surface and exterior gas probes are regularly monitored to ensure the landfill gas system is operating properly.


We service 185 daily collection routes throughout San Diego County.

Collection process

Transfer stations aggregate waste collection by multiple collection agencies in a single place. By combining waste into one transfer truck, we have fewer vehicles on the road and reduce emissions.

Transfer process

Waste is carefully compacted and covered daily to limit wind-blown debris and odors, and create a stable engineered hill.

Landfill process